Fall from Space Beta Demo – v0.41 update, now with added OG GB.

So, it’d been haunting me for a while (really) that I couldn’t release a DMG version, I mean the game is green after all.

I’ve removed a constantly checking helper that made using the teleport cube smooth, with work arounds that reset (checking if you are grounded or not) to other inputs, this has given all versions a performance boost and allowed the DMG version.

It’s still going to be at it’s best and smoothest played on Color upwards (especially for bosses/lots of enemies and sprites) but it’s running pretty well and I’ll continue to optimise for DMG. Some sacrifices will need to be made, but thankfully GBS allows an ‘if color’ check, which lets me to apply them just to the original Gameboy. An example of this would be reflections, additional enemies, or special effects (like glowing stars) slowing the game down, can be disabled when not on more powerful hardware (the Gameboy Colour has double the CPU power of the original Gameboy). I also make subtle palette shifts to the greens when going from light to dark, this obviously won’t happen on DMG.

So while the game will play better on Color, Analogue Pocket and GBA, I know people love that pea green screen (and I really do) so am keen to keep supporting it. The Analogue Pocket will launch in Color mode, but you’ll be able to force DMG mode in settings.

The real question is, is this a grey cart or a black cart game if it takes advantage of Color CPU and palettes, but is still just in shades of green?

Also shout out to Geonjaha who gave me some great feedback on a couple quests that weren’t obvious and some of their feedback has made it into this version. 

– E: DMG support added! Tons of changes already to enable this including boss tweaks, enemies spaced apart, some special effects dropped when on color, enemies now flash if on DMG (as palette shifts don’t show)
– E: Conversation and descriptions updated to reduce the chance of getting suck in a few places and guide the player a little
– B: Less chance of getting stuck for a second after dropping a rock (placed one tile away from you unless facing forward (as sprites can’t have priority over the player so would appear behind), third frame for carrying and moving
– B: New method of keeping enemies on their platform (as AI would let them walk off previously)
– B: Fixed some tile priority issues and stopped the player getting as close to rear walls in top down mode, which breaks the perspective slightly
– B: Fixed the studio screen animation (rebuilt for DMG)
– B: Fixed ship launch animation and bug if acquired ship without having viewed it
– B: Printer support improved (goodbye Kernel Panic)


FfS_Beta_v0-41.gb 2 MB
Sep 14, 2023

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