Fall from Space Demo update (0.47)

Fall from Space Demo updated (0.47)

Implemented a little feedback (thanks Matt), to make a couple quests slightly clearer and fixing a very visible bug I introduced in the last release (sloppy work!). There are still some areas in the demo I'd like to improve, but currently continuing work on the full game and some exciting other bits I'll reveal at some point.

Demo updates

  • Fixed bug with the shop area, glass reflections (GBC+) were broken and the animations broken when walking past
  • A little clearer now on where to block the Radts entry point to the bar (The Trouble with Radts quest)
  • A bit of a hint added on how to enter the shop added, I’ll try and ‘show not tell’ here when I have more time.
  • Fixed a bug with pre boss dialogue (0.471)
  • Improved jump kick (0.471), while not used much on the first world (it will be on latter ones), it was very fiddly when you needed to kick objects down. It now fires a second hitbox 0.1 seconds after the first, which feels a lot better and makes the timing less frame perfect to hit something.

Full game updates

Working on the look and feel of two very different planets, the machine world, Terra Mächina  and its initial locations, as well as tiles for the forest world of Urthona which is a nice contrast.


FfS_Demo_v0-47.zip 467 kB
Nov 29, 2023
FfS_Demo_v0-47.gb 2 MB
Nov 29, 2023
FfS_Demo_v0-47.gbc 2 MB
Nov 29, 2023
FfS_Demo_v0-47.pocket 2 MB
Nov 29, 2023

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