Fall from Space Demo – v0.472 minor updates

Demo updates v0.427

Not too much will be noticeable, but two updates in particular to the full game should bleed through.

What do you mean subtracting negatives adds them? It's been a long time since GCSE maths, of which I wasn't a talent and I seem to have forgotten this fact over the years. The karma system and your decisions have more effects as you progress in the game and I noticed and fixed this bug. Now committing bad deeds won't reward you with positive karma.

Overworld run (unlockable via story progress)
Switched from A > B, so it's like Mario Land and most other GB games, thanks to Matt W for the feedback.

Full game progress
Mainly working on key Machine World locations/shops at the moment, although spent too long getting distracted with a short Christmas themed FfS gif but also have created a couple key, reusable Karma system components. Influence menus (persuade or threaten with a percentage of success) and a reusable dice roll system so you can take a random roll, weighted by your Karma level.


FfS_Demo_v0-473.gbc 2 MB
Dec 19, 2023
FfS_Demo_v0-473.gb 2 MB
Dec 19, 2023
FfS_Demo_v0-473.pocket 2 MB
Dec 19, 2023

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