Fall from Space Demo v0.46–Platformer combat mechanics improved

More useful feedback & criticism from Newgrounds, starting with the intro –

very stylish and cinematic’ –  hey thanks! ‘but a bit over-indulgent’ – fair.
It is very indulgent, and it’s now skippable by scene (B) if you want to flick through and get an idea of the story, or skip it almost entirely with start. Perhaps I’ll trim the fat off a little in the future too so it doesn't take quite as long.

Also, and I think Newgrounds is good for this, where people give it less slack as a game running on hardware from 1989 and critique it against snappy responsive Flash and modern games. There has been plenty of feedback on the platforming section mechanics needing improvement, a bit sluggish for example. As a result, there's been a lot of back end work, most of it won’t be apparent in terms of content, but it should play and feel differently as the combat has been rebuilt to avoid various bugs and hopefully improve the feel. Specifically –

  • Removed invincibility bug (probably unnoticed)
  • Improved collisions with body slamming enemies
  • A new run cycle that’s slightly faster and hopefully looks better and less floaty
  • Improved acceleration for player
  • Impact FX on landing a hit on the enemy now where the fist is, not oddly at the enemies feet like the last version
  • Punch given more range to feel a little less unforgiving and to make combat a bit easier
  • 2 more projectiles (of the 5 max allowed on a scene) freed up with a rewrite of the punching system, excited to use these, it’ll also allow more enemies of different types in a scene.
  • Minor stuff.

There's a bug attacking coming out of a roll that I'll update but probably bundle into the next update.

Thanks again to everyone providing any feedback, especially the bad stuff. I really like the positive stuff, and that keeps me motivated on such a long project, but the bad stuff makes the game better and hopefully keeps people sticking with wanting to see more!


FfS_Demo_v0-46.gb 2 MB
Nov 08, 2023
FfS_Demo_v0-46.gbc 2 MB
Nov 08, 2023
FfS_Demo_v0-46.pocket 2 MB
Nov 08, 2023

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