Awake, arise or be for ever fall’n.

Waking with no memory on a strange planet.

Your journey for answers and choices made
will shape the course of history.

Fall from Space is a non-linear open world ARPG for the Game Boy,
with an epic story spanning a solar system.

  • Jet off to the stars! Multiple worlds to explore inside your Game Boy, with side quests, unique encounters, secrets and upgrades
  • Combines Metroidvanian platforming action with an open world RPG
  • An original story to uncover with multiple endings, a karma system and choices that impact the world and it's inhabitants around you
  • Authentic Game Boy aesthetic, with graphics and art style built within the DMG palette constraints
  • Hours of gameplay, save at any time with multiple save slots, unlockables and Game Boy Printer support!
  • Designed and developed by a Solo Developer to run on the original Game Boy with enhanced effects and experience when run on a Game Boy Color, GBA/SP or Analogue Pocket
  • Original Soundtrack, scored by Beatscribe



Inspired by Paradise Lost and 90s CRPGs such as Fallout 2, Planescape Torment (PC) and Buck Rogers Countdown to Doomsday, it's an RPG with plenty of Game Boy platforming action, a player karma system, side quests,  multiple endings, a brand new soundtrack and large non-linear maps filled with secrets.

Developed in my free time, my second game takes what I learned on my first project Tales of Monsterland and expands it using the huge possibilities that the latest version of the GB Studio (3.x) tooling has opened up to make a big, unique and memorable open world game for the Nintendo Game Boy, in a type of RPG not common to the device.

Download the demo now for a taster and to explore the full planet of Pandæmonium, follow for future updates and announcements (and I'd love any feedback), here and on my social media accounts and There's an email subscription list too, but this will reserved for major announcements and I'm not planning on using very often.

Note: This isn't a Gameboy style game, it's an original game built within the limitations of and designed to run on original hardware and the Analogue Pocket.

^ The Main Theme from the rad OST by BeatScribe, more coming soon.

Demo controls

Action mode

(A) Jump
(B) Strike / ability
(↑) Roll towards
(↓) Roll back

[select] Toggle ability
[start] In game menus

(B) + (↓) Drop down through platform
(↑) Enter/examine (context dependant)

Exploration mode

(A) Talk / examine / interact
(B) Run (unlockable)
[start] In game menus

Overworld travel

[select] Toggle move & map
(A) Examine location (map)
[start] In game menus

Interplanetary travel

Requires ship

Enemies often telegraph their attack, roll back to avoid a close combat attack.
Roll forwards to duck under enemy projectiles.



Original story, all artwork and development by myself.

Thanks to (this list will grow no doubt) – Rulz, Toxa, Bryan Rollins and all the other champs in GB Studio Discord who are always generous with their time for scripting questions. Gumpy Function for feedback and GBS Central articles on game design.

Chris Maltby for GB Studio, Pautomas, for scripting help, key plugins and for GB Studio, Hauntology for platforming engine mods/plugin.

There's an Original Soundtrack from Beatscribe, the excellent Fall from Space titles and Junkton theme.

SFX by Coffee 'Valen' Bat.

Anyone who’s shared, liked or just given feedback about my games, it really means a lot and I appreciate the support.

Support me on Ko-fi

Updated 23 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorJoel J Games
GenreRole Playing, Platformer
Made withGB Studio, Aseprite, Pyxel Edit
Tagsanalogue-pocket, game-boy, Game Boy, gameboy-color, Game Boy ROM, gbstudio, Metroidvania, Post-apocalyptic
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly


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Not only was this way more intriguing than expected, but I about lost it with the Tik-Tok/Oz reference;;  Return to Oz is my favorite movie & continues to be overlooked, so this was such a treat to see  :') 

Amazing work, loved wandering into this one on my Analogue Pocket!

I was wondering if anyone would get that reference! What a film, I loved it as a kid and rewatched it recently, so dark in places, electric shock treatment on kids, a sort of post apocalyptic Oz? Wheelers scared me big time. The film really holds up!

Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the feedback, I'm back on it working on the full version and also general improvements to responsiveness and mechanics I'm hoping to roll out soon(ish).


Okay this game is fantastic! I just finished the demo, can't wait for more. The story line is rich and creative, the art style and music is intriguing and captivating, but most of all the expansive variety of play style with side scrolling platform AND open world map. Epic. Getting into that ship and leaving orbit has me so excited to explore this universe! Truly encapsulating! Well done!

Hey thank you so much! I've put a lot into this game and have lots more planned for it, it's quite a long demo so knowing someone has got to the point where it really opens up and is ready to explore the new planets is super motivating, thanks and excited for you to explore the rest!

Deleted 96 days ago

Gameboy save games don't really work properly when played in the browser unfortunately, as I think the browser clears the save file, downloading the ROM is the safest bet as an emulator will keep the save

Deleted 96 days ago

A jumping kick to it should do the trick!


great to see the interview today! any release updates?

Thanks! I'll give a better update soon but while the engine is around 90% complete, there's still quite a lot of content left to create before a full release, so I'm going to tentatively say late 2025 depending on how smoothy the rest of the development goes.


Love the details! Keep up the good work!


Thank you! Love the handhelds channel and the Fall from Space video was excellent, thanks for taking the time to check it out


thank you for providing such a lovely experience!


Keep up the good work and thanks for the holiday reminder :) Still really looking forward to playing this one when you’re finished  

Thank you :)


Very impressive, the robot reminds me of the red one from "Ulysses 31". I can't wait to have it on cartridge :) I hope it happens

Thank you! It should get a cartridge release (once I get it finished!).


What a great game! Can't believe thisnis possible for game boy! Hopefully u will finish it :)


Thank you! Comments like this go a long way to helping keep me motivated, so I'm set on getting it finished!


Hope this is still coming along well! Excited for it

It is! I'm working on building out the locations in the solar system, thanks for the interest!


This looks really impressive!



really good! is the full version being released soon?


Thank you! It’s still in development, as it’s a very big game in scope, so while the full demo will arrive this year I think completion right now is looking most likely sometime in 2024.


awesome best of lucks and thank you for the game it’s looking great! Congrats!


I am really interested in this game. I like it a lot.

Thank you!


This looks amazing. I can't wait to play it. 



looks fucking sick can't wait!



Oooo loooove the look of this


Thanks! A long way to go but it's coming together!