Fall from Space Beta Demo – v0.4 update, menus, printers & music player.

E: Enhancement  B: Bugfix


Yes! A new menu option awaits you on the title screen. I’ve added controls, ability to delete save games and two screens of unlockables where the game will peer into all three of the save game slots and reward you with either some of the game music to browse through and play (unlocked as you encounter it) or if you’ve found any of the hidden disks (three hidden in the demo, 12 in total), you can view a piece of artwork for each and…

…print it from your Gameboy printer!*

*added as an excuse to finally test mine out. My thermal paper needs replacing, but it’s still very fun to use. 

Aside from these ‘essentials’, work has commenced, simultaneously on the three very different, large maps for the full game. I’ll leave it at that to avoid spoilers, but no doubt tease some of it on social media at some point.

  • E: Unlockables: added GB print support for hidden disks
  • E: Unlockables: added a music player, FfS's Winamp.
  • E: Options, remove save games, view controls (three screens)
  • B: Going behind the background in the Skywayman scene (thanks to Pearacidic and Jankle for spotting this one)
  • + Improvements to various graphics (including the ship) and dialogue/copy as and when I spot them.


FfS_Beta_v0-4.gbc 2 MB
Sep 06, 2023
FfS_Beta_v0-4.zip 443 kB
Sep 06, 2023
FfS_Beta_v0-4.pocket 2 MB
Sep 06, 2023

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