FfS Beta Demo – v0.39 update, mini game added

In the spirit of explaining concepts a little better to the player, a rolling tutorial/mini game has been added which also keeps track of high scores and gets progressively (rapidly) more difficult. Learn to dodge bullets!

Aside from a minor shuffle of Junkton, some bugs due to my (mis)understanding of how the stack works have been fixed (teleporting and menus clashing a little).

E: Enhancement  B: Bugfix

– E: New location added Junkton Dojo (map tweaked as a result)
– E: New Mini game added to dojo, practice evading projectiles, with high scores and difficulty levels
– B: Fixed some minor bugs with teleportation and menus


FfS_Beta_v0-392.gbc 2 MB
Aug 17, 2023
FfS_Beta_v0-392.pocket 2 MB
Aug 17, 2023

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