Fall from Space Beta, demo released

A big update, moving out of Alpha to Beta, the complete demo and the full first planet of Pandæmonium to explore.

I thought I'd soft drop it since the Alpha is still getting quite a lot of downloads and it's pretty out of date now.

As always I would love any feedback, good or bad!  I've been working on Fall from Space since late Dec 2021 and I want this to be the best game I can make. Your thoughts, especially any bugs spotted, and experiences will really help.

So, what's been added?

FfS Beta v0.37

E: Enhancement  B: Bugfix

– E: Added new North/South connecting action level
– E: Added multiple new enemy types
– E: New locations added to the North
– E: New enemy types & two minor boss fights
– E: Quest resolutions, ship and pilot license
– E: Quest items & secret collectables added to inventory
– E: Find Pep-Zs, higher value credits and other items in levels
– E: Space enhanced (full version)
– E: Final Junkton theme added + new overworld and level music
– B: Lots. So many
– E: Saving system reworked
– E: Ship planet view/teleport added


FfS_Beta-V0-37.pocket 2 MB
Aug 13, 2023
FfS_Beta-V0-37.zip 411 kB
Aug 13, 2023
FfS_Beta-V0-37.gbc 2 MB
Aug 13, 2023

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