Fall from Space Alpha demo v0.33 & mini update

Dev log
The next major release is getting closer, the full demo, which has the complete planet of Pandæmonium to explore (the Alpha locked down to the initial South of the planet), I'm currently finishing off the last location and happy with how it's coming together.

Around the same time the first full trailer should drop too, with plenty of game play footage and perhaps some teases of later game content.

Alpha updates
Nothing major here or new content, just fixing a few bugs that I spotted while working on the Beta, that also affected the Alpha, but there's a piece of new music which is a nice bonus.

E: Enhancement  B: Bugfix

  • B: Run could be unlocked too early after a cut scene
  • B: Various bug fixes and quality of life improvements
  • E: New track 'Junkton' by Beatscribe added in


FfS_Alpha-V0-33.gb 2 MB
Jul 23, 2023
FfS_Alpha-V0-33.pocket 2 MB
Jul 23, 2023
FfS_Alpha-V0-33.zip 397 kB
Jul 23, 2023

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