Fall from Space OST announcement

I'm thrilled to announce (the very talented) Beatscribe will be scoring an original soundtrack for Fall from Space.

Attached is the first track, the title screen and main theme, he's done a fantastic job, absolutely nailed what I was after and I've had it playing on loop since receiving it. Love it.

In other news, development work on the Beta continues, with the rest of the planet Pandæmonium fully opened up, featuring new areas such as the Plaza, the Last Train, missing child quest resolvable, ship attainable etc, so you might want to hang on for that, but if you'd like a taste of the game, mechanics and general gameplay, the Alpha demo with the explorable South of the planet is still available to download (or play in browser).

As always, feedback, good or bad, welcomed!

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Damn, that bass digs DEEP!


Fall from Bass