Fall from Space (alpha) demo v0.31

While I continue on with building the world of FfS, there are a few updates that improve the demo so I'll continue releasing these minor QoL improvements until the next big release.

E: Enhancement  B: Bugfix

  • E: Enemy close range attacks better timed, start telegraph, end damages
  • E: An additional frame added to run animation. It was *tough* killing off minor details in scenes to free up an extra frame for running, while only a three frame run I think it looks a lot smoother than the previous two frames #gameboydev #minamalism
  • B: Fixed a flag setting issue so enemies don’t respawn on scene change (just level change)
  •  E: Minor tile set improvements


FfS_v0-31.zip 335 kB
Apr 13, 2023
FfS_v0-31.gbc 2 MB
Apr 13, 2023
FfS_v0-31.pocket 2 MB
Apr 13, 2023

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