New Gameboy project – 'Fall from Space'

Project background

I loved working on Tales of Monsterland (except the endless test run throughs hunched under a lamp with my unmodded DMG) and it was a real learning experience, about pixel art, the Gameboys limitations, game design and GB Studio with copious amounts of help from the incredible GB Studio & homebrew community.

I've been scribbling notes on the idea of Fall from Space since the end of last year, fleshing out a story, adding ideas and inspiration while waiting for GB Studio v3 to move out of Alpha, so I could finally get stuck in and see if what I wanted to achieve in this game was actually possible.


The protagonist came about from a doodle in Procreate one evening to try out a recently acquired pack of brushes, it didn't mean much but I liked the character, it was simple enough to draw, especially for someone like myself who isn't an illustrator or particularly good at drawing.

Admittedly a character that's tall, lanky and has incredibly thin limbs isn't the easiest or wisest choice for a Gameboy game, but I had them locked down early enough to include as an Easter egg in Tales of Monsterland (I'm not sure if anyone stumbled on it, bonus points for anyone who did?).

The story has some thematic parallels with Paradise Lost and takes inspiration from 90s CRPGs such as Fallout and Buck Rogers Countdown to Doomsday for the Sega Megadrive (or Genesis if that's for you). Two games that I completely lost myself in at the time, I hadn't played anything that let you tackle it in such a non linear way and I loved the freedom of exploring every pixel of the worlds created, completing them both multiple times. 

There's no ETA for completion as it's made in my free time and it's much bigger in scope than my first game, it's still very early in it's development, but I've got quite a few of the systems and mechanics in place, they're not totally fixed but I'm pleased with how the planetary map is working and tile swapping and animation states are opening up possibilities that I couldn't have considered prior to GB Studio v3.

Sporadic updates to follow and a demo with a decent vertical slice of game play is planned!

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