Tales of Monsterland DX

A village besieged by monsters, a mysterious tower and a broken rope bridge.

Save the village by uncovering the origin of these creatures.
Run, jump and battle your way through a strange land,
gaining powerful abilities to help you in your quest.
It’s non-stop action all the way to the end and then maybe,
you can find your way home.

ToM DX has been announced as a launch title for the ModRetro Chromatic, pre-order it now at  modretro.com/products/tales-of-monsterland-dx!

TALES OF MONSTERLAND DX is a new title for the Game Boy Color and compatible devices that hearkens back to a golden age of platforming adventures.

Explore an interconnected world, discovering hidden items and areas.‍

Designed to run on original hardware, this handheld game really shines on Game Boy Color handheld systems and above. Tales of Monsterland is love letter to the classic platform games of the 8-bit era.

  • Full colour!
  • Play on Game Boy Color compatible devices
  • Four magical forms to unlock
  • Unlockable classic Game Boy DMG & Pocket palettes!
  • Find the hidden world!
  • Original, all new chip tune soundtrack by Incognito
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Featuring battery-less saving!

Playing the game

Designed to be played on original hardware, download the .gbc ROM and give it a try (or play in the browser window).


(x) – Jump, dialogue proceed
B (z) – Attack, interact
Up  Interact with item, go in door, sign etc
Back – Dash back (child)
Shift (select) – Inventory / change form
Enter (start) – Menu, save, load, check game status

Click game in browser window before starting.


  • Talk to everyone in the village
  • Save often
  • Some areas you'll need to go back to when you've gained an ability
  • Check your status to see what's left to collect


My first Game Boy game, created in the lockdown of 2021, inspired by 8-bit games such as Kirby and Wonderboy.  I've had the opportunity to revisit it in 2024, rebuilding almost from scratch using the more recent tooling allowing me to improve and add to it, including –

  • New original chip tune OST of around 14 tracks by Incognito
  • Additional connecting scenes, update tiles and environment effects
  • More and bigger monsters! (it is Monsterland after all)
  • New coin placements, new collectable 'pages'
  • Unlockable classic views/palettes (Game Boy DMG green, Game Boy Pocket B&W)
  • More animations, jump state, new walk cycles etc
  • Improved sound effects
  • Moving platforms & proper slopes/diagonals
  • Extra save game (battery less) slots
  • Bug fixes, tweaks and balancing


Development, graphics, story, design, manual and packaging.
— Joel Jarman


Original soundtrack by June Wilson / Incognitio
SFX by Coffee ‘Valen’ Bat

Box art

New box art work by Marissa Paradis (https://linktr.ee/digitalhollow)

Playtesting and feedback

‍— Chris Beach, Matt Winston, Eric Mack, Mr.Blinky, 2BitCrook, Obscure Games and Consoles


Orthodox Herbertarian by MEP
Original Polaris font by DamienG (https://damieng.com/)

Special thanks to

‍Chris Maltby, Pau Tomas for GB Studio and plugins, Hauntology, Rulz, Bryan Rollins, GB Central and all the rest of the GB Studio community as well as anyone who has supported me in any way, including encouragement, feedback, likes and shares.


ToMDX-Demo-MR_v1-75.gbc 1 MB
ToMDX-Demo-MR_v1-75.pocket 1 MB

Development log


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Démo très prometteuse, je me suis régalé, vivement le jeu complet :)

Bravo et merci pour ce magnifique travail !!

Merci beaucoup pour ton commentaire, je suis content que la démo te plaise.

(Aussi, je suis heureux de pratiquer mon français!)


The full Game is only physical ? A french traduction is possible by me if u Want

Hey, there should be details of a digital release coming at some point too (although it won't be before the physical release is ready)


Looking forward to playing this on my Chromatic!

Deleted 31 days ago

Love the new artwork!  Congrats on the new distributor.  Do we need to bug them about a digital download version or is that totally off the table?  

Thank you!

My understanding is, initial focus is on the preorders/getting the physical release sorted but there will be a digital version down the line (although I don't have any info on the timelines for that at the moment).


Makes sense.  I'll be on the lookout! I've been watching this one for a long time!

Awesome, I hope you enjoy it if you do pick up a copy!


this looks so cool!

Thank you!


Very excited for the demo, looks like a lot of fun! :)




Looks great